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British Council – Activist to entrepreneur

Activist to entrepreneur: the role of social enterprise in supporting women’s empowerment Social enterprise is playing a growing role in support of women’s empowerment – notably, as a source of funding for women’s rights, a means of delivering training and creating employment, and as a way of empowering women socially and economically. Empowering all women and girls and achieving gender equality are not only moral imperatives, they are crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies. Yet the barriers to

British Council – Survey of social enterprise responses to Covid-19

Survey of social enterprise responses to Covid-19 Social enterprises have shown resilience and agility in response to the severe challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. A new survey conducted across 38 countries finds that two-thirds of social enterprises are running different businesses now compared to before the Covid-19 crisis, with new products and services, new trading models, and new beneficiaries and partners. ‘Innovation and resilience: a global snapshot of social enterprise responses to Covid-19’ was conducted by the British Council