IATEFL 2024 – Beurs voor leerkrachten

Regeling beurs Levende Talen, Sectie Engels voor IATEFL

Subsidy from Levende Talen, English section for IATEFL


For over 50 years, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, (IATEFL) has been linking, developing and supporting English language teaching professionals worldwide. From their humble origins in 1967 as a forum for English language teachers (ELT) and other professionals to make contact with one another and share ideas, they are now one of the largest and most internationally representative teaching associations in the world.

IATEFL is a global professional membership association, and yet they remain a community. They support teachers and other ELT professionals in their professional development, and provide a platform where they can offer their views, exchange research and teaching experiences and learn from each other. www.iatefl.org/about

Levende Talen is an organisation and trade union for language teachers.  The English Section (sectiebestuur) promotes internationalisation and professional development of English teachers across all areas of education.


Are you already a qualified teacher? Then you might qualify for a special subsidy to go to the IATEFL conference!


The subsidy, 700 Euros for students or 500 Euros for teachers or coordinators, can be used to cover the following costs:

●     travel to and from the UK

●     hotel stay

●     registration


Deadline for 2024 application: Friday, December 8, 2023


Fill in the application details. Send any relevant attachments to: engels@levendetalen.nl Include “IATEFL Subsidy” in the subject heading.


Terms and conditions:

  • for students: you are a student at a Dutch institution for vocational teacher training with a demonstrable affinity with teaching English as a foreign language[1];
  • for teachers and coordinators: you are currently employed at a vocational school with experience teaching English, and the desire to improve and develop the English curriculum at your school;
  • your spoken level of English is at least C1;
  • you have permission from your school to visit the IATEFL conference.


You will be informed of the decision within four weeks of the submission deadline.  Decisions by the Sectiebestuur Engels Levende Talen are final.

Subsidy application form: Sectiebestuur Engels Levende Talen – IATEFL:

    Step 1: Personal information (applicant)

    Step 2: For teachers: school information

    *This may be the principal, the EIBO/VVTO coordinator, research supervisor, student teacher coordinator/advisor, but not the applicant.

    For students: school and study information

    Step 3: Motivation

    Explain why you want to attend the IATEFL Conference. Include information about what you hope to learn, and what professional development you expect to achieve. How do you see this experience improving your teaching practice or school curriculum?

    Format for your motivation is a video of 3 - 4 minutes, in English, e.g. as an unpublished youtube link, WeTransfer, or Google Drive. Be creative! You can make a filmed PowerPoint, vlog, et cetera, as long as you are in the picture.

    Step 4: Dissemination of experience

    After the conference the Sectiebestuur expects you to share your experiences with others. This can be done in the form of a workshop/presentation during a meeting of the Sectiebestuur Engels (SBE) or as a contribution to our website (blog/vlog/podcast). Please indicate your choice and add this to your motivation please:

    * workshop/presentation at a SBE meeting
    * bullet; website (blog / vlog / podcast)

    What other steps will you undertake to share your experiences with others at your school or in your network? Briefly describe your plan here:

    Note: after the conference, you will be expected to hand in receipts or proof of payment for reimbursement.

    Step 5: Signed declaration

    Applicant confirms:

    * to be authorized to attend the IATEFL conference;
    * to be aware that he/she is responsible for arranging proper documentation, insurance, travel and accommodation;
    * to be aware that he/she will be reimbursed after the conference up to a maximum of 700 Euros for students or 500 Euros for teachers/coordinators upon presentation of receipts or other proof of payment (according to the Pound-Euro conversion rates during the IATEFL conference).

    Note: Applicants may apply for some advanced payment.

    * to have filled in this application (including any attachments) completely, correctly, and truthfully.

    If you have any questions about this subsidy, please e-mail: engels@levendetalen.nl “IATEFL Subsidy” in the subject line.

    Note:  For any questions regarding advance payment and for the submission of receipts or other proof of payment, please contact the Treasurer, Daniel Gibb, at dgibb@fo.nl.

    [1] Please include a copy of your valid student ID



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