The English board consists of the following members


Willemien den Hollander, Voorzitter

Rob Mengerink, Penningmeester

Betty Molt, Secretaris


Hello everyone! My name is Betty Molt and I’m the Secretary in the Board of the English Section of Levende Talen. I’m responsible for the administration of our Board, including agendas and minutes of meetings. Furthermore, I’m busy with the quarterly Newsletter of the English Section that you all receive in your e-mail boxes 4 times a year. Finally, I’m the ‘bridge’ between Levende Talen and the bi-annual Nationaal Congres Engels, since I represent the NCE in the Board of the English Section of Levende Talen and, vice versa, Levende Talen at the Board of the National Conference of English.
I have been teaching full-time for 9 years now, at the Rotterdam University of applied sciences, where I teach English to technical engineers-to-be for their Bachelor’s Degree. Before my teaching career I worked as an office manager and in several other administrative jobs at various international companies, among which Lloyd’s Register and Harcourt/Reed Elsevier. From 1994 to 1998 I was a part-time student at the Teacher Training College of the Rotterdam University of applied sciences, studying to be a teacher of English during the evenings. After my Bachelor of Arts in Rotterdam I moved on to the University of Leiden, where I studied part-time again (I always had full-time office jobs!) for my Master’s Degree in English Language & Literature from 1998 and graduated in September 2002. I threw a big party then because in that same year I also reached the “big 4”, my 40th birthday!
I’m continuously eager to learn new things and this has resulted in a PhD research during the past 6 years as an external PhD student at the University of Leiden. I hope to obtain my PhD at the end of this year. The preliminary title of my dissertation is: “English in the Industrial Netherlands “, in which I investigated the arrival of the English language in Dutch education in the 19th century through some vocational education institutions and also on a practical level during the reclamation of land operation in the Haarlemmermeer (polder) by means of British steam engines and with the help of British engineers. All quite time consuming but also íncredibly interesting!
Looking forward to meeting many of you, our Section members, at the various events, such as the ‘Landelijke Studiedag’ and the National Conference of English.

Patricia Rose

Patricia Rose

Mijn naam is Patricia Ann Rose. Anders dan mijn naam doet vermoeden ben ik een 51 jarige Nederlandse met een internationale achtergrond. Met een Amerikaans Highschool diploma en Nederlands Havo diploma heb ik een 2 opleidingen met succes afgesloten ;PABO diploma en een tweede graad Engels diploma. Daarnaast ben ik ook opgeleid tot didactisch en pedagogisch coach.

In 1989 begon mijn onderwijsloopbaan als leerkracht en directie PO, 11 jaar Montessori onderwijs en vervolgens 8 jaar in het VO, Helen Parkhurst voor Voortgezet Onderwijs als docent Engels, MVT onderwijsontwikkelaar en teamleider.

In 2008 werd ik trainer/ consultant bij APS met o.a. de expertise MVT en in het bijzonder expert voor het vak Engels en actief taalleren met ICT. Vanaf 1 juni 2016 ga ik werken als expert Engels voor het SLO.

Sinds 2009 ben ik actief bestuurslid van de sectie Engels van Levende Talen en één van mijn meest bevoorrechte taak is om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen op het jaarlijkse internationale congres Iatefl (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language).

Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor studied at the Universities of Hull, Utrecht and Antwerp. She has worked in various secondary schools and has been a teacher trainer since 2005 (first at Fontys Hogescholen, then the Radboud University and currently at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam and the UvA). Louise has been a member of the Vedocep since 2005 and is currently the chair. She has also co-written a course book for English in primary education. Within the LT English department Louise represents the English teachers at primary colleges and primary schools and has a keen interest in CLIL in all its facets.

Pascal Koole

Githa Backx