Nationaal Congres Engels 2022

NCE 3th October 2022


Dear colleagues,

Discover the programme for the 14th Nationaal Congres Engels which will take place on 3 October 2022 in Reehorst, Ede. The title and theme this year is ‘English in a Changed World’.

We are proud to present Thom Kiddle as our plenary speaker. In addition we have three subplenary lectures and 28 workshops to choose from, the Herman Wekker prize for Best Reporter, and an informal evaluation of the day with drinks and nibbles. Moreover, there is a large exhibition area with all the main publishers and other organisations.

The fee is 150 euros (students pay 75 euros). You can only register if you pay directly through iDeal. Everyone who attends will receive a certificate of attendance. For further details check the website.

We hope to welcome you on 3 October 2022. Go to for the full programme and to register. Do it quickly, the conference might be fully booked if you wait too long!

◆ keynote speaker Thom Kiddle

During the pandemic and afterwards, the world as we knew it has changed drastically, causing people to reconsider their priorities in their personal and professional lives. There have been fundamental changes in the way we communicate and teach:
digital tools have taken up a more prominent place in our didactic repertoire; new avenues for meaningful teacher-student contact have been explored; and many of us have sought to re-calibrate a healthy work private life balance. There have been political changes too, affecting the way we use English, and the varieties of English that students consider to be relevant. Think of Brexit, the political upheavals in the US, and the rise of other economies, all against the background of a world where more non-native than native speakers use English as the choice language for international communication. As a result, teachers are faced with a multitude of choices to be made. At the NCE 2022, we want to provide a platform for discussion on and inspiration for how to relate to English in a changed world.
We are proud to present Thom Kiddle as our plenary speaker who will be speaking on Key language teacher competences in the 2020s. The talk will explore the professional competences teachers will need in the face-to-face, virtual (and hybrid?) language classroom over the next decade of the 21st century.
True to our tradition, the winner of the Herman Wekker Prize will not be made public until the day of the conference. Many well-known Dutch reporters have received this prize, as you see through this link:
To find out what to expect and in order to register, please visit our website
Hoping to meet you on Monday 3 October!

The NCE team (all volunteers)
Christien van Gool (chair), Hanneke Andringa (secretary), Betty Molt (treasurer / exhibition), Hans Brand (website), Jelle Hermens (registrations), Rias van den Doel (adviser /universities), Florian Kempe (pr / social media), Jelly van Rinssum (Herman Wekker prize), Jos Keersmaekers (general).

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