Global Issues SIG – April 2020

Migrant Narratives in the EFL and ESOL Classroom”

IATEFL Pre-Conference Event, Manchester 2020

PCE 17 April 2020

A collaboration between the Global Issues SIG and the Literature SIG


Below is the day’s programme. The speakers are all international experts and their sessions provide informed, fascinating and practical insights into ‘migrant narratives’.


  • Alan Pulverness. ‘Deprived of history’: films and novels in third places
  • Varinder Ulu. A Better Life?
  • Andrew Wright. Migration and Stories
  • Aiden Weh. The stories they don’t tell: Digital video storytelling, textual and discourse analysis in documenting modern diaspora
  • David Heathfield. ‘Everything is lost. Why is this happening to me?

    Barabara Roosken

  • Creative storytelling for resilience, empathy and change.
  • Judith O’Loughlin. From Trauma to Resilience: The Power of Stories
  • Alan Maley. Migration: Language and Silence
  • Jeremy Harmer. Migrant Music



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