Kennisbasis ready for implementation in your Pabo

Did you know that:

  • The new kennisbasis has arrived and is ready for implementation in your Pabo. Please read it carefully as there have been some considerable changes since the previous version (as most of you know, since you provided valuable input and feedback on it).
  • The Aptis test for teachers was carried out at most of the Pabo’s this year to check students’ level of spoken English with B2 being the minimum acceptable requirement.
  • The group of primary teachers has already started reading and gathering information for and the Vedocep members will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on their first ideas.
  • On Thursday April 19th we will be having a meeting to discuss all of the above points as well as the peer feedback sessions. This will take place in Utrecht from 13.30 to 17.00. Should you wish to join us, please sign up here.
  • As mentioned above, the Nuffic is holding a conference on March 23rd for primary English – we hope to see many of you there – that will also be the occasion to see who has won the coveted VVTO onderzoeksprijs! There have been some super interesting bits of research and the jury had a hard time deciding on the winner.
  • If you have any good ideas that you’d like to share regarding English in primary education, feel free to contact us ( or and we
    will make sure others benefit from your ideas and knowledge.

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